Uit Mechelen Mapt, het vrije naslagwerk over Mechelen
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Welcome to Mechelen's
city encyclopedia Mechelen Mapt
in which anyone can contribute!

This wiki has now 965 articles.

Mechelen Mapt is an independent project and a free encyclopedia. This site was active till summer 2009 in wiki shape, in a little different lay out. Due to technical problems the site had to close, which many people regretted. After a long period, the initiative to rebuild the site was token up again. A new wiki version and an updated tool of Google Maps made Mechelen Mapt to a better place. The map is the most exciting tool on this wiki, because like this, every city corner can be marked and described on it.
You can edit this wiki, you too. You can add or edit the information. It's strongly recommended to make an own account on this site.
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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.042257" lon="4.470749" zoom="13" width="525"></googlemap>